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Welcome to, we are a site dedicated to all things travel.

In our pages you will find travel guides from different regions of the world, created with the aim to guide you to your dream holiday, to make memories and share some unforgettable times with new and interesting people.

Our Africa travel guides cover both safaris, perfect for those who want to see nature up close and personal, and beaches of Africa, for those who prefer to do a bit of sun worshipping, or to unwind after an adrenaline filled safari day. There are few places on earth where you can potentially see lions, giraffes and elephants one day, then relax on white sandy beaches the next. Africa has it all.

Our Asia travel guide covers some of the best activities you can enjoy while there. Asia is home to some of the world’s most luxurious casinos, so they can really put Las Vegas to shame. A visit to one, or a few of these should not be missed. While in Asia you might want to trek, scuba dive or take a trip on the Trans-Siberian railway. It is all there for your enjoyment.

Ever wondered how to do Europe like the celebs? We guide you to some of the most popular celeb filled hot-spots you will find outside of Hollywood, and we also show you some of the best places to visit if your time in Europe is short.

If you need any additional help or ideas we have pointed you to some of the best popular YouTube travel vlogs available today.

So go, take a holiday and enjoy!