How to Make Travel Videos for YouTube

There are plenty of travel videos on YouTube. Some of them are fantastic and really make you feel as though you are there, others are okay, and the rest need a lot of help! Here are a few tips that will help you to produce top quality videos of your own.

The first step is to make sure that you define your story. It is known that the brain loves a good story and will find it easier to follow a travel blog if there is a story involved. Think of a story that has not been told, or a new angle for a familiar story. Going to a very popular vacation destination? Chances are many people might have been there too, so you need to find a way to show it in a different light.

The second step is to film your video. The experts recommend getting plenty of close-up shots and plenty of far away shots. Don’t be afraid to take plenty of extra footage so that you have a lot to work with when you come to edit your video.

The next step is editing. This is where the hard work is going to begin and you could find that this takes more time than the actual filming. You need to look at the footage and images that you have and figure out in what order you are going to use them. They will need to follow in order to support the story that you are telling and the more that you have to work with the easier this is going to be.

The final step is to publish your video to YouTube. Once this is done you can then promote it – the more people that see your video the more traffic you are going to get to your channel and your blog.