Best YouTube Travel Blogs

One of the best places to find anything online is YouTube. No matter what you want to know, there is a video available on it, and travel is no different. There are plenty of bloggers who have their own YouTube channel and upload great videos of their travels – so you get to see what the place is like before you even leave your house.

Look out for the travel blog of Mike Corey. He is widely considered to be one of the best storytellers on YouTube, thanks to the way he films and edits his videos. He is often hired to make videos for well-known brands.

Alternatively, consider the YouTube channel of Matthew Karsten, known as the Expert Vagabond. He has tried all those adventure holidays that you might already have dreamed of. Did you ever want to swim with sharks or take a solo trekking holiday in somewhere like Greenland? He has already done it, and the videos are on YouTube to prove it.

The award-winning Arienne Parzel has only become widely known recently, but those in the know have been familiar with her work for some time. She won the ‘Best in Travel’ award at the Buffer Festival, and her videos are of the finest quality. She produced an 8-part series that showcased her climb of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Cailin O’Neill was one of the earliest bloggers on YouTube, and her background in film and TV has helped her a great deal. She uses a documentary style that has proved to be very popular. Good editing skills are a must, and these can clearly be seen in the Wandertooth videos. These are made by Geoff and Katie, who have spent several years on the road building their YouTube channel. While Geoff is often hired to make professional videos for companies, they still manage to produce high quality content for their own channel.