Best casinos in Asia

No trip to Asia could be complete without a visit to one of the casinos there. Why? You may ask, but the answer is simple. Asia casinos are fast becoming the biggest in the world. They do luxury like no one else, they outdo Las Vegas easily and are hands down the best place to go to try to win your fortune.


The worlds gambling capital brings in more revenue from casinos and gambling than Las Vegas does. You can play any casino game you wish here, from standard poker, roulette and blackjack, to a wide range of slot machines, sportsbook no deposit bonus bets and much more. So why travel all the way here when you could just visit the Nevadan Desert? The superb luxury on offer can’t be beat, even by the biggest named casinos in Las Vegas. It has a style like no other, and some of the casinos here have their own private beaches and 5 swimming pools. Plenty of ways to relax after a hard night at the tables.


Quickly coming up behind Macau as one of the worlds top casino holiday destinations is Singapore. With almost as much casino-based revenue as Las Vegas, Singapore is a huge draw to visitors as it has so much to offer the tourist aside from just gambling. Well known for its impressive buildings and luxury lifestyles, Singapore is the up and coming place to lay down your money in the hope of winning big. Singapore is also home to the first Universal Studios Resort in Asia.

South Korea

You may be surprised to see South Korea on this list, but it is here for a reason – its uniqueness. The casinos here are unusual as the citizens of S. Korea are not able to gamble in them, only tourists. There is actually only one casino in the whole country that locals are allowed to play in.