The Best Beaches in Africa

Africa has thousands of miles of coastline so it naturally follows that there are quite a few good beaches. Here are just a few to consider if you want to soak up the sun on your next trip to this vast continent.

Lamu, Kenya

There is very little to spoil the beauty of the coastal town of Lamu in Kenya. This place is ideal if you really want to get away from it all. The marine national park is a must for those who want an active holiday. Shela Beach is highly recommended and is the perfect place for you to spend at least a few hours chilling out.

Kokrobite, Ghana

This is a reasonable drive from the capital city of Ghana, Accra. Kokrobite features white sandy beaches in long stretches and naturally it attracts a few visitors. However, if it is luxury that you want then you will not find it here. This is an authentic beach holiday and the ideal place to relax with a beer and a barbecue.

Cape Maclear, Malawi

This is an unspoiled island located on Lake Nyasa. This quaint fishing village offers the visitor a very slow pace of life, but if you want to try sports such as kayaking then this is the place. However, if you just want to come and relax on the beach make use of one of the many hammocks that are dotted along the sands.

Limbe, Cameroon

The city of Limbe in Cameroon can be found between the Atlantic coast and the rainforests of Mount Cameroon. This city has become popular with international visitors, many of whom are here to relax on a beach. Head to the north of the city to see the best beaches. The names of the beaches refer to the distance you have to travel to reach them. The most popular options are Mile 6 and Mile 11, although Mile 8 at Batoké village is beautiful.