The Best African Countries for a Safari Holiday

If you are considering a holiday in Africa, then you are sure to be wondering where the best safari deals can be found. Africa is a vast continent so there are plenty of countries to choose from.


Botswana is actually becoming a popular holiday destination for visitors from Europe and the US and one of the reasons for this is the vast, unspoiled wilderness. Tourist numbers are still fairly low though, so you will not be tripping over hundreds of other people when you are trying to take in the beauty of the country and wildlife. There are only a handful of safari camps and these are private concessions which allow for many more activities than the more commercial safaris in other countries. The camps tend to veer towards the luxury end of the tourism market and there are options here no matter what time of the year you want to visit.


Kenya is known for the Masai Mara Game Reserve, where you can see the big cats at close quarters. In recent years there has been a great deal of conservation work throughout Kenya which has helped to improve the quality of the safari here. The Conservancies that neighbour the Masai Mara limit the number of camps that are permitted so you will not be doing battle with the crowds. If you want to see some of the rarer wildlife species here you should head to Laikipia in Central Kenya.


The landscapes in Namibia are quite dramatic and those who visit should head to the Skeleton Coast because this is a very desolate place and should not be missed. Those who want to go on safari should consider some time at the Etosha National Park. You could spend some time tracking the black rhino on foot as well as the traditional safari animals.